Free Training for Safeguarding on the FA

Grassroots football is all about having fun and learning to love the sport, but keeping our players safe is just as important. That is why we are so pleased that The FA is offering a free course on Safeguarding Awareness for Parents and Carers! The course will take 25-30 minutes and is completely free. How many children will be protected by the adults in their lives having an increased awareness of safeguarding?

From the FA Website:

This course will help you to:

  • Know what safeguarding is and that you have a role to play as a parent or carer.
  • Understand that children’s football should be centred around the needs and wellbeing of children.
  • Increase awareness of the different forms, signs and indicators of abuse, including ‘grooming’ as well as understanding what constitutes poor practice, and how this links to abuse.
  • Increase your confidence regarding what safeguards should be in place at a child’s club or football setting, and how to check this.
  • Increase your awareness of reporting concerns through recognised channels.
  • Increase your awareness of the behaviours that are expected in children’s football environments.

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Oundle Town Football Club hosting the Youth Football Conference

Youth Football Conference
Youth Football Conference
Youth Football Conference

Oundle Town Football Club will be hosting the Youth Football Conference on 28 April at 7 pm!

As part of NFA efforts to understand the current state of play, we are looking to capture the opinions of parents on what their Childs current playing experience is like at this conference. We want to know the important factors that influence how enjoyable grassroots football is to those that currently play as well as what current young players value when taking part in the game. The evening will involve a series of discussion alongside a couple of activities for the children to share their views; we would love for you to join us by scanning the QR code above and completing the form.

OTFC U12 Team Presses High and Takes the Win

U12 Oundle v Boston

The Vice Chair and Secretary went along to watch our U12 boys. Here’s what they had to say:

Both U12 teams started strong in a well matched game. Oundle held the ball well with some accurate passing and Boston played forward but couldn’t get past Oundle’s keeper to start with. Bostons determination saw Oundle concede an early goal, but this was followed by some great teamwork from Oundle which created an equaliser. Minutes after Oundle found the net again and took the lead. The team continued to press in the fast passed game and held the lead until Boston slipped one through our defense minutes before half time.

Going into half time equalising didn’t deter Oundle, their attitude and team work saw them increase their communication and a series of one touch passes created another opportunity which saw Oundle take the lead once again.

Boston challenged Oundle with a few quick runs but with a solid defense and a couple of incredible saves Boston were unsuccessful in creating any opportunities.

Oundle’s midfield took the immediate pressure off the defense and continued to pass and move creating lots of opportunities. It’s incredible how the players worked together reading the game and knew where the next pass was coming from, but a run from Boston put Oundle under pressure once again. Amazingly, Oundle intercepted, they played wide to create an outstanding run smashing another goal in the back of the net. With Oundle in the lead the team continued to keep possession, pressing high to ensure they stayed in the lead.

One thing is for sure that teamwork is the essence of our U12s success in todays game. A fantastic effort from the boys and incredible attitude, it was a pleasure to watch. A real credit to the coaches for their time and effort… Next week they take on the Hereward Cup!

Our Defib has moved!

Our defibrillator has moved to it’s new location on the outside of the clubhouse! Here is our amazing Chairman showing off it’s new location. The new location will allow for easier access for our teams, and access for the community.

The Village Kitchen now offering food at our matches!

Food and Football

No time for breakfast before football on Saturday mornings? That won’t be a problem anymore. Oundle Town Football Club is happy to have The Village Kitchen at the pitches selling food starting this Saturday morning. Come on out and support your favorite team while enjoying some yummy food!

Check out the menu to see what you want, or show up at the food truck and see what looks good to you!