Club Development

We’re football mad. Everything we do is geared up to playing football. At our club, the football will come first.

What do we need?
Playing areas, a few balls and a couple of jumpers for goal posts is a start. Like many clubs we do not own the land we play on. We work in partnership with Oundle School for using the land at Station Road and South Road. We then use pitches and facilities at local schools and playing fields. So long as this continues, we can provide football in Oundle.

To ensure football can be played in a safe and friendly environment in Oundle.
Our aim is to get more teams/football sessions off the ground, look at better usage of the land that is available including securing a long term lease. Once we have a lease we can also look at options for redeveloping the club house to be the at the centre of all things football in Oundle. With public resources ever diminishing, how we use Station Road and adjacent land will become evermore important.

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